Proudly Serving Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois for Over 30 Years!

About Us

Our story

Service Master Clean & Restore of Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois has created a legacy for being one of the best in the region for serving your disaster recovery, commercial and residential cleaning needs over the past 30 years!

During this time these ServiceMaster brands have been owned and operated by Virgil Jones, a regional native. Who has led the charge to uphold the high brand standards and to “Do the job right, or do it over!”

In 2019 this legacy started a new chapter with the beginning of a leadership transition, in which Virgil will be passing the torch to Cesar Torres. Cesar hails from San Antonio, Texas and has fallen for the region over the years when consulting with Virgil.

Cesar, Virgil and their Team are excited for this new chapter in the company’s history. Above all though, they look forward to continuing serving the region with great service, commitment and integrity.

Our Team

Virgil Jones

Virgil Jones


Cesar Torres

Cesar Torres


Jillian Bowers

Jillian Bowers

Fire REstoration Manager

Jim Francis

Janitorial Manager


Adam Gould

Marketing Manager

Clayton Hillier

Clayton Hillier

Construcation Manager


Angie Shepherd

Office Manager

Jeff Rush


Travis Toombs

Water Restoration Manager

Christina Watkins-Perkins

Project Manager

Our Values

ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMaster Restore

We Are Committed to our customers and are guided In all we do by their needs.

We Are Complete and seek to provide exceptional service and engage in proactive behavior.

We Are Driven to pursue the highest standards and continuously improve in all aspects of our business.

We Are Experts and dominate the industry in scale and scope with an adaptable, extensive network that consistently delivers exceptional results

We Are Steadfast and here for the long haul with consistent service that ensures ongoing customer satisfaction.

We are always there to answer our customer,
ease any confusion, and provide understanding
throughout every step of the process.

Our customers are our priority. We work with
them throughout the restoration process. We say
what we do and do what we say. We follow up
until our customers are satisfied with the results.

We are the go-to advisor. There’s nothing we can’t
handle. We wrote the playbook and continuously
set the standards. We know how to do it best and
that’s what we do.

We understand what our customers are going
through and we provide the care and integrity
they deserve. We listen intently to understand
their needs and the nuances of the situation.

No matter how uncertain the situation, we provide
guidance and support from beginning to end
to help our customers better understand and
navigate the solution that is right for them.

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